Gumroad bunny avatar. Monster Bunny Ears for Commercial and Personal Use. Filter Hearts and Crosses Gun Props. gg/S8feAkH7Rc This model falls under the copyright law and is copyright protected - More info at the bottem. 222k Polygons, 45 MB in-game size. $0. ﹘﹘﹘﹘﹘﹘♔ WONHO - 원호 ♔﹘﹘﹘﹘﹘﹘When having trouble paying through gumroad hit me up in my discord DM'siPumo#1910A 3D model made for VRChatInstructions for importing the model in "Read me". + You can find updates of my avatar work on my discord server: https://discord. DO NOT upload this model to other accounts, use parts of this model for commercial use. Showing 1-9 of 14 products. 6. ♥. Spencer is a cutie quest compatible bunny girl! She features:8 clothes toggles13 accessories togglesQuest compatible markerMute icon that automatically appears when you mute!5 skin tones on PC (2 on quest)5 DPS orificesBunny legs toggle!2 different hairstyles! Pigtails or PonytailSliders for boobie and butt sizeToggleable gun propPerfect for fbt! And crouch/prone animations for half bodyAlmost . #1214Hair - Hate#1999, WetCat#6969, ApyrShoes - edited - Deviant Art User: Shiremide1Body Base - Pandaabear#9873Head - Minichibi#0001Choker - Yuri#0666Ears, Tail, BodySuit, LowerHarness, Whip, Gag, Paddle, Mask, Leash - Axphy#7920-----Join my discord for new avis . IMPORTANT: Make sure you read the ToS at the bottom of this page! We are removing the License key system we had been using for avatars and are swapping entirely over to assets stored on gumroad instead. Toggleable Ears and Tail between Mouse set and Bunny set. gg/strawbunnyavis 🐰 | Any questions on Strawbunny#9476 |(All products are non-refundable) CURRENTLY UPDATING ALL AVIS TO . This model falls under the copyright law and is copyright protected - More info at the bottem. FBX/Prefab included. Character itself still belongs to me!♡ Dick Cage, PP Size Slider♡ Toggles: Top, Pants, Socks, Nipple piercings, Belly Piercing, Eye Color♡ Hue, Hair, Nails, Ears Sliders♡ 3. gg/zeitnmimi. 0 AVATAR BY ULTIMATUM FBT Compatible, Unity 2019 ready! VERY POOR rating. psd, . Aug 04, 2021 · ♡ One avatar per person only. 4. *:・. There are no refunds. com)-chocker bunny ears by Fooly#2329 Fooly - Payhip VALENTINE'S BUNNY VANYA - 3. . The package is created especially for the Crispy Bunny avatar, with lots of customization options built write into the game menu. Iris Dress - Commercial use Mimi and Meg by Kia. She features:- toggles for her clothes, accessories, and bunny- color swap toggles- hair swap- custom expressions- bunny has matching expressions!- dynamic bones and colliders(pc only)- NSFW! - Dynamic Penetration System! With custom animations when in use!(pc only)- requires poi pro (some features will not work . $14 Some features: - Male and Female body versions easily switchable inworld. ♥ Rules for Purchase (T. 3. Punk Bunny Ears - 3D Model Asset. gumroad. 2. | Discord server: https://discord. 1 . Features:4 different base textures!2 hair styles!4 accessories!2 sets of ears!Dynamic bones!Full body tracking support!. It has a sakura flower crown, cute socks with bows on them, bunny sneakers, and a sakura umbrella as well! I wanted this bunny to have lots of different types of ears so there are six different kinds to use!I have made everything here by scratch including the textures. https://discord. - 5 Different Base colors switchable inworld. 110FBT ready!!Toggles for outfit, ears and tail!You are NOT allowed to share this avatar with anyone!ALSO TO USE ANY OF THIS ITEMS FROM THIS MODEL YOU MUST GO AND BUY THE ORIGINAL MAKER'S ASSET, DO NOT USE ANY OF THE ASSETS I HAVE ON THIS MODEL WITHOUT GOING TO BUY THE ORIGINAL . (This was a team effort by DiosCarmesi and GelyCelestial). S) ♥If purchase the models I create, you MUST read . Do you want to be a cute 3D bunny in VRChat? Try my VR and full-body ready Bunny/Rabbit Avatar with visemes and gestures ready to go in minutes!Now with Quest support!Quest is now supported. 0 The package is completely ready to use! This avatar will soon receive updates and improvements over time. Thickness Hue to have thicker thighs. 2 Material Slots. ♡ If you are commissioning someone with this avatar, the customer must buy the model and show me who they are commissioning from for approval before sending the package. 98. Vrchat asset and avatar creator. Decrease radius of bones some or colliders, reduce the momentum add a smidge of pull or stiffness and you are laughing all the way to a fully physbone avatar. Sort by. You need to import "Dynamic Penetration Shader prefab" yourself to have the DPS to work ! Mimi and Meg by Kia. O. You need to import "Dynamic Penetration Shader prefab" yourself to have the DPS to work ! <p>:・゚ *:・゚ *:・゚ </p><p>*:・゚. </p><p>┊ ┊ ┊ ┊</p><p>┊ ┊ ┊ </p><p>┊ ┊ </p><p>┊ </p><p> </p><p></p><p>I create VRchat . 🌹You can edit this avatar as you wish. :・゚. 5. LeonaNSFW GIRL &lt;3 i am realesing my first model everin package there is avatar, VRC SDK3, PoiyomiToonShaderV6. Showing 1-9 of 25 products. This avatar uses Phys bones, not dynamic bones! Features: Sakura . Lollipop, Slippers & Bunny piercing You are NOT allowed to take off/use any of these assets from the avatar, this also includes the mesh/texture edits that have been made by me. 🥕Bunny candy🎀💌Fbx file, prefab file💛!!PLZ CHECK ライセンス RULE!!💛 -No edit mesh,no sell,no share -Dont upload it on public avatar -dont claim it's yours -dont use it commecially -use for vrchat This model falls under the copyright law and is copyright protected - More info at the bottem. Toggle from Light to Dark Outfit, Dark outfit gives off a small gothic look. 0Toggles include;Whips / PaddlesClothingAccessories Toggle--Credits--Chest Harness - Q. Scroll To Top . Second Hair Option. 🌹Make sure to read rules first and agree before buying. unity files for the model!5 blend shapes for expressions!Full visemes for having your avatar talk in-game!Customization within VRChat . gg/S8feAkH7Rc Cute rabbit avatar for Vrchat 3. Without prior approval, you are breaching my TOS. Lewd Bunny Ready To Go!--About--Avatar is 3. AVATAR IN THE GIF IS **NOT** INCLUDED. Razor. 9 eye color variants. G3 is the long awaited successor to the first model ever posted on the store, G2 A platform built for aspiring robot avatar creators, artists and casual players, complete with proportions for Full body VR tracking, a set of expressions, visemes and a lot of breathing room for outfits, hair and accessories, taking after popular features present on existing VRChat models Also includes an upload . DO NOT take assets from this avatar for either personal or commercial use, please refer to the credits for each individual asset! ***I am not responsible for helping with unity!** More Info See full list on kuuderekitten. Featured Newest Highest rated Most reviewed Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Minimum price. Which are easier to fix than you think. You are logged out Hearts and Crosses Gun Props. PLUS lop ears!Animated . com A smol bunny avatar created for use in VRChat with full body tracking and AV 3. Stay tuned on twitter for more information about our next projects. You can find updates of my avatar work on my discord server: https://discord. $. - Full Body tracking compatible. Regular and 'rocket' shape penis with Knot control (Toggles) The addon will show/hide automatically when you are wearing undies or shorts. > Bunny VRChat Avatar-Basic Mouth and Blinking-FBT Compatible-Dynamic Bones in Ears and Ribbons, Col. 13 Bones. Minimum price . Discord: bun#6009. 0 (30). DPS VERSION INCLUDED! Custom facial expressions! Locomotion fix! Toggleable flogger (with cloth physics!) and paddle props for MAXIMUM fun! Dynamic Bones on Hair, Ears, Tail, Leash, Glasses Chain, Breasts, Butt, Tummy, and Thighs . - Full visemes. ru. Failure to follow any of the rules above will result in ban and blacklist. However, ask in the Discord for workarounds!Features:Dynamics for ears, whiskers, tail, and rear. Arya is a cute, comfy avatar with a little bunny friend!! She is for VRChat. If you buy my models from gumroad please make sure you put all your info and the discord tag. Showing 1-9 of 9 products. zioketski#2729 【Links】 Join the discord server: https://discord. Scilla, needs more hair floof and front hair bones frozen (Check bones) Coming Soon - Medea and Roxie the Twins full physbones only. Cyber Bunny Sarah (NSFW + DPS AVATAR) | with weapons, cute poses & audio link emission I make avatars for Vrc. . A very badass model of a bunny for VRChat! Be very cute and epic and awesome with this very badass rig. Fully rigged. paying paypal, write email me or discord: KasaiAisu#8268 KasaiAisucat@mail. Creating 3d Models for VRChat &amp; VTubing :・゚ *:・゚ *:・゚ *:・゚. 【About】 I'm creating 3D avatars & assets for use in VRChat, in collaboration with Dreadrith. Skin Hue: Fair to Tan. - Cute facial expressions. blend, . Maximum price. png, . gg/S8feAkH7Rc If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatar, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators. 3D asset and avatar creator! Ulti#6398 _____ Products Posts. Therefor you will get the assets directly through gumroad. - Dynamic bones setup for ears, tail and female breasts ( Requires additional purchase ) - Body customization inworld. NOT ALLOWED on free/public avatars. @ArtCarmesi &amp; @GelyCelestial This package includes:12 body color variations. gg/z7c8jMGTzC for avatar questions and comments. These links takes you where you can find the rightful creator and where you are expected to buy/get it if you want to use it for personal/commercial use. I just like to make avatars and assets for Vrchat and Youtube and hope to make lots and lots of stuff! If you have any questions please message me on Discord: CupcakeSprinkle#0566. by sleepy#0707- sleepy (gumroad. Please leave a rating. No blendshapes. 0. 4 color variants of ears . ssp, . 2 . If you have any questions, issues, or concerns please join my server: ZENN. You need to import "Dynamic Penetration Shader prefab" yourself to have the DPS to work ! Lollipop, Slippers & Bunny piercing You are NOT allowed to take off/use any of these assets from the avatar, this also includes the mesh/texture edits that have been made by me. You need to import "Dynamic Penetration Shader prefab" yourself to have the DPS to work ! VRC avatar creator, we stan monster girls in this house. If you purchase the avatar and the transaction is completed, the order is finished. Tail12,161 Tris. Any horizontal gradient texture will work. You also get some new branded undies (FUNBUN) and an updated Femboy Hooters . 0 (7 . Showing 1-9 of 10 products. only PRIVATE use. gg/S8feAkH7Rc DO NOT RESELL AVATAR!!! dm hunny bunny#8518 for help; I want this! Size. You MUST enter your Discord ID, VRChat name in order to purchase. Toggleable Outfits: Short Top, Short Dress, Pasties, Bodysuit. Cute rabbit avatar for Vrchat 3. If you wish to use any of the assets that are on these avatar, you will need to purchase/download from the original creators. ♥Features♥FBT Ready + TestedUnity 2019Pole Toggle (world object)Blindfold + Leash ToggleMoney Stack ToggleRGB Hue Shift Sliders for Hair + EyesDPS compatible version IncludedFull Clothing + Accessory TogglesBooba Size SliderHair, Ears, Earrings, Chest, Butt Physics JigglesGreat for dancing or other things. No ratings. ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ I create VRchat avatars and assets :) This model falls under the copyright law and is copyright protected - More info at the bottem. $14 AVATAR IN THE GIF IS **NOT** INCLUDED. ⌜Avatar and asset creator⌝ Discord: RenaYamaki#8026 . Free AvatarQuest readyDynamic bonesHue shiftsMultiple outfits2 hair types-Add a tip if you want better avatars in the future ;)Free &lt;3Please leave a rating &lt;3Toggles:(Hair, eyes, bodysuit, bunny tail/ears) hue shifts, pony tail toggle, long hair toggle, bunny feet to boots swap, 3 outfit swaps, ear toggle, tail toggle, pantie toggle, pasties toggle, tattoo to clean body mat swapCredits . Making VRC avatars and assets for fun By purchasing you are agreeing to not redistribute/resell this avatar or upload it as publicIt's ok to use this model for streaming but to not use as a mascot or take the whole character and use as OC. Miriaaam#7537 https://discord. fbx, and . This Bunny is wearing a cute spring sweater and skirt outfit. Showing 1-9 of 12 products. Filter. Make sure to include both names of people using the models if buying couple package. 0 . gg/zioketski Which are easier to fix than you think. Due to limitations with the Quest, the Quest Rabbit does not come with clothing. 1 MB. Hair hues: Hair Rainbow Hue and Hair Different color hue.

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